NAD 1600


NAD 1600
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A preamplifier/tuner is essentially a stereo receiver without a power-amplifier section. While such a component is smaller and lighter than a receiver, its principal advantage is the ability to drive any outboard power amplifier. High-power receivers, rated for 125 watts per channel or more, are very heavy and bulky, and they tend to run hot. With a preamp/tuner, you can use the most powerful amplifier you can afford, or even separate amplifiers for each channel-located out of sight if you prefer-while retaining the full control flexibility of a receiver in an attractive and compact unit. Also, upgrading the system at any time to a more powerful or better-quality amplifier is easy.

The NAD Monitor 1600 combines a high-quality AM/FM tuner and a preamplifier at a very moderate price. Although its specifications are excellent, our measurements showed that most of them are highly conservative.

The NAD 1600 has the styling and appearance of the company’s other Monitor Series components, with a gray panel and cabinet, black knobs and pushbuttons, and clearly legible white markings. A long, narrow black window across most of the front panel contains a number of pushbutton controls along with the display.

Most of the buttons in the window are tuner-preset selectors. The tuner has memories for fourteen stations, in two banks of seven. Each memory can be assigned to either an am or an fm channel; a button toggles between the two banks, and a light indicates the selection. Other buttons select AM or FM, mono operation (effective with any program source), and FM BLEND, which reduces noise in stereo fm reception by partially mixing the two channels. Unlike most other such circuits, the NAD blend circuit affects the entire audio frequency range instead of just the high frequencies.


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.04%

Input sensitivity: 0.1mV (MC), 1.3mV (MM), 80mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 75dB (MC), 75dB (MM), 100dB (line)

Output: 10V (Pre out Max)

Dimensions: 435 x 110 x 389mm

Weight: 7.8kg

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